Playing the Lottery Online

Lottery online

Playing the lottery online is a relatively new concept in the US, with only seven states allowing the practice. The DOJ, however, recently issued an updated opinion, limiting online lottery sites to sales within state lines. This ruling also prohibited sales of lottery tickets in national draws, as they cross state lines. This ruling has been challenged, and today is considered all but overturned. In order to play the lottery online, US residents must be of legal gambling age. Although there are state-specific rules for this, the minimum age in America is 18 years old.

There are several legitimate lotteries online, but it’s important to play only at reputable and licensed lottery sites. Legitimate sites offer secure payment options and password-protected accounts. Many also offer SSL encryption software to protect your personal information. Avoid scam sites, as they are only out to take your money. Always check out lottery reviews to find the most reputable sites. This will help you find the lottery that suits your needs and is safe for you.

Some states have adopted lottery websites that let people purchase lottery tickets online. The Illinois lottery launched a pilot program in March 2012, becoming the first state to do so. In December, it added Powerball lottery tickets to its website. In the following months, the Illinois lottery website also added other lottery games such as Daily Lottery Games and Instant Games. There are even mobile applications that allow players to buy Powerball lottery tickets online.